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What is high fidelity printing?

:Because the existing paper and ink can not completely reproduce the gamut of the original natural color, so...

What kinds of proofing are there in printing?

: Proofing is usually divided into soft proofing and hard proofing. Hard proofing results in a real sample, which is easy to carry and transmit. Soft proofing is video display proofing. Hard proofing has mechanical proofing, pre-proofing, photographic color proofing, digital proofing and other types.

What is the process flow of stamping in printing process?

:The technological process of hot stamping is: hot stamping preparation, plate loading, matting, determination of hot stamping process parameters, trial stamping, sample signing and formal hot stamping. Among them, the two steps of plate setting and hot stamping are particularly important.


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