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   Since its launch in 2002, Mitsubishi Diamond 3000TP double-sided printing press has attracted much attention because it can meet the needs of printing enterprises. Now, the printing press has the ability of on-line coating, using this printing machine, you can walk the paper one time for double-sided water-based polishing or UV polishing.

   At present, diamond 3000TP, a 40-inch double-sided printing machine, can be increased to up to 12 color sets. This is the only printing machine that can finish printing one side at a time without flipping the paper in the middle.

   Mitsubishi has also introduced a double-sided printing and polishing press called Diamond 3000R double-drill convertible double-sided printing press. The double-glazing variant of the diamond 3000TP double-sided printing press has two coating units, which are set before and after the Translink Unit. The conversion unit is a three-roll conversion system, which can be converted from the back to the front without flipping.

   In addition to the traditional ink and water varnish, the new diamond 3000TP printer can also use local UV varnish, UV ink or mixed ink according to the different requirements of the printed matter, which also greatly improves the flexibility of the printer. The flip unit can also be equipped with UV drying or infrared drying device as required. The two coating units can also adopt different polishing methods, such as water-based polishing or UV-based polishing, or water-based polishing and UV-based polishing.

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